Monday, January 3, 2011


If you have ever flipped through the pages of Vogue Paris you will have noticed the extravagance that this magazine reflects and the surreal world that it takes you to. The French edition of Vogue magazine has the intellectual and forward looking core of Vogue as a brand, but it also has its own character that embodies the French (Parisian) woman as we all ('d like to) imagine her - elegant yet rebellious, simple yet profound, enjoying the moment, yet looking into the future...

It can be easily said that Vogue Paris wouldn't be what it is today without its editor in chief, Carine Roitfeld. The main reason why I am writing this post is the fact that Roitfeld has resigned and is leaving Vogue at the end of January 2011, after a decade of transformation and improvement of the magazine from every aspect. Not only has she changed the perception of Vogue Paris and has managed to differentiate it from other Vogue editions, but she also has increased the circulation and the number of advertisers.

I won't go further into the reasons why Roitfeld is leaving Vogue or what the rumors are about where she is heading; instead I would like to present some of my favorite Vogue Paris covers and editorials made during her editorship, many of which are styled by Roitfeld herself.

October 2010, 90th issue of Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris covers

Tom Ford  December/January 2010/2011

Vanessa Paradis November 2008

Naomi & Kate cover
Kate Moss October 2009

Julianne Moore May 2008
December/January 2008/2009

November 2009

Vogue Paris editorials

"Sensual McQueen", tribute to Alexander McQueen, styling by Carine Roitfeld

"Graffiti fashion", photograph Mario Sorentti, November 2009

"Princesse Natalia", April 2010

"Think Punk", photograph Mario Sorrenti, October 2010

"La Decadance", reconstruction of the famous Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg photo shoot, May 2010

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