Friday, January 14, 2011


Not only is Prada known as one of the world 's most famous fashion brands, which surprises and delights us every season with its new designs, but they also have very clever, innovative and art supporting ways of promoting their new products.

Such is the case with the Yo-Yo bag, first shown on the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 show. It is a retro bag, inspired from the 1950s design and comes in many colors and materials. The bag was featured in Prada's ad campaign but was also central in the project called Yo video! which took place in Japan. The project gave the opportunity to eight film student to shoot a short movie related to this bag. The videos are really phenomenal! The young authors take different aspects of how they perceive the bag and create a story around that - some of them focus on playfulness, elegance, freedom, style, memories, uniqueness...My personal favourites are the videos Gravity and Handsome mask. You can see all of the on (under Projects/Yo Video!) 


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