Friday, October 30, 2009

Christian Louboutin champagne shoe

"Le Rituel" is a collaboration between the champagne producer Piper Heidsieck and the famous shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Inspired by the 19th century ritual in Paris for men to drink champagne from lady's shoes as a gentlemanly move, the champagne producer and the shoe designer decided to bring back old-fashioned romance to present times. Louboutin's task was to create a stiletto shaped crystal flute for drinking champagne. The stiletto screams Louboutin, of course, with its wonderful shape and red soles. Besides the "shoe", Le Rituel consists of a bottle of champagne, both packed in an elegant black box and available for 500 USD, from October 26.

Kate Moss for Topshop - Xmas edition

The new Kate Moss collection designed for Topshop is already in stores! Typically for Kate, the holiday collection reflects her unique style based on black as a basic color and pieces that are her signature look like mini dresses, tailored shorts and jackets. Especially dresses of different lengths make a great deal of the collection.

The Orient is an inspiration for the holiday collection with an explosion of floral, lotus and bamboo prints, typical China cut blouses and kimono dresses as well as wide bell shaped sleeves. The tone of the whole collection is luxurious and seductive, through the materials used, like jacquard, satin, silk, sequins, chiffon, and the models which are mostly for evening wear. The lingerie and nightwear as well the accessories part of this collection also carry the sensuality as an idea behind it.

Those traveling in the UK soon, let me know as I already have some favorite pieces :)! The Topshop website offers shipping of items to several countries.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brighten up the fall

Tough this is a season of dark weather and dark colors in fashion, it is easy to brighten up and freshen your look with colorful accessorizing or glittering details. Big jewels are also back to add glamour to every look and shoes and bags are screaming with colors which make dark outfits even more striking and powerful. Several ideas how to brighten up your look this fall!

Colorful scarves - wear them any way you want, they will keep out from wind and will bring lightness to your outfit

Pierre Hardy

Bruno Frisoni

Manolo Blahnik

Stella McCartney
Not only are boots only thigh high this season, they also come in various colors and with interesting details like the models above...


Marylin Minter

No matter if a tote of evening bag is in question make sure that it accentuates your clothes with its color or details.

If you decide to keep everything simple, than you can play with bold pieces of jewelry to finish up your look.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashion in Skopje

It is a real pleasure to realize that our city is slowly, but surely starting to appreciate fashion. Young designers like Rosica Mrsik who are seriously devoted to their collections and their work are creating the style milieu of the city. With the newly opened fashion show room for her work as well as the latest collection Mrsik contributes to the fashion scene and caters for the taste of the fashion lovers in Skopje. The fact that both the opening of the show room and the promotion of the collection in Ludus store (together with one more designer) had quite many visitors indicate that people are hungry for stylish clothing made by local designers. We are looking forward to even more such gateways to the fashion experience !

You can visit Rosica Mrsik's creative space and show room on 9ti maj street no.5 or visit her web site:

Photos by Evdokija Nikolova

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Mode" in Berlin

Apart from the fascination from the city itself and its unique mix of East and West which creates a completely new experience round every corner, each time I go Berlin I get thrilled and inspired by the street fashion, which in the same time is extraordinary, creative and depicts the spirit of the city. The street fashion in Berlin is made of current trends, retro pieces and individual traits of the people who wear it. As it is being developed in accordance with the life in Berlin it is truly a mirror of the variety that Berlin offers in every aspect.

Especially interesting stores for not so well known, but often high quality and creative brands can be found in Hackescher Markt in East Berlin. People walking on the st
reets in this part of the city are always dressed in most creative and sometimes (positive) crazy way. It is also remarkable that even global and mostly mainstream brands like H&M or Adidas in the shops in this area sell pieces which fall into the category of street chic. For example, the clothing found in that H&M is completely different from the clothing sold in some shopping mall in Berlin or on Kudam (the main shopping street). Adidas in their shop sells mostly pieces from their 'Adidas Orginals' series, with old Adidas logo. In this part of the town there are several second-hand shops with incredible choice for women's and men's wardrobe.

Saying this, I'd like to point that there are other parts of both East and West Berlin where street fashion is rich with ideas, colors and life. In cases like this I think pictures always speak bette
r than words, and so I have chosen the pictures below from street style blogs for Berlin (Stil in Berlin, Street Clash, One Two Three, etc.)