Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Mode" in Berlin

Apart from the fascination from the city itself and its unique mix of East and West which creates a completely new experience round every corner, each time I go Berlin I get thrilled and inspired by the street fashion, which in the same time is extraordinary, creative and depicts the spirit of the city. The street fashion in Berlin is made of current trends, retro pieces and individual traits of the people who wear it. As it is being developed in accordance with the life in Berlin it is truly a mirror of the variety that Berlin offers in every aspect.

Especially interesting stores for not so well known, but often high quality and creative brands can be found in Hackescher Markt in East Berlin. People walking on the st
reets in this part of the city are always dressed in most creative and sometimes (positive) crazy way. It is also remarkable that even global and mostly mainstream brands like H&M or Adidas in the shops in this area sell pieces which fall into the category of street chic. For example, the clothing found in that H&M is completely different from the clothing sold in some shopping mall in Berlin or on Kudam (the main shopping street). Adidas in their shop sells mostly pieces from their 'Adidas Orginals' series, with old Adidas logo. In this part of the town there are several second-hand shops with incredible choice for women's and men's wardrobe.

Saying this, I'd like to point that there are other parts of both East and West Berlin where street fashion is rich with ideas, colors and life. In cases like this I think pictures always speak bette
r than words, and so I have chosen the pictures below from street style blogs for Berlin (Stil in Berlin, Street Clash, One Two Three, etc.)

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