Friday, December 17, 2010


I've been waiting for a snow for a month now. After many wrong forecasts it is finally here and it seems it is staying. I love the snow for three main reasons - when I see the whiteness it makes me calm, it reminds me that the holidays are coming and it gives me opportunity to enjoy my favorite winter sports!

When I mention winter sports, the gear used for them comes to my mind as well. And I must say, the choice is overwhelming, unbelievable and simply beautiful. So are my wishes to grab some of these pieces, I have to admit! For this post I have chosen my favorites ranging from designer pieces (like Chanel which developed a special skiing range) to regular ski brands with lady like designs.




Let's not forget the famous APRES SKI parties and the outfits to wear there.


Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am a big fan of diaries and organizers. Any size, any shape, any color, as long as it fits in my bag and I can take it everywhere.

Writing on paper may seem old-fashioned with all the new technological possibilities we have, but I just love it! It has  charm and brings a completely different feeling than typing on your smart phone or 10-inch laptop.  

Now I think I have discovered the perfect diary for 2011 - the SMYTHSON fashion diary. Not only is it fabulous on the outside, but its specialized fashion features inside make it even more desirable. This grate potential Christmas present contains maps of major fashion capitals, fashion council listings, fashion show dates, cultural events and holidays. Practical and beautiful this diary is one of the favorite accessories of fashion editors around the world.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Rain is back to town. Tough many of us hate it, once it is here we could also have some fun with it. The most important accessories in days like this are the umbrella and the wellies - one cannot leave the house without them and they can brighten up the gloomy days ! So, below is my choice of rain essentials...

Some of them are simply creative, watch for the bird cage umbrella by Lulu Guiness or the "hidden" girl black umrella; some are feminine and very Parisian chic like the last four umbrellas; some are colorful and playful like the colored wellies and some are practical yet classy like the last pair of wellies.



Thursday, October 28, 2010


Several weeks ago when I heard that Yvan Rodic will have a book promotion and lecture in Skopje, as part of the activities of Skopje Fashion Week I was really excited to attend it and hear something about his work. I have first read about him year and a half ago on and have immediately visited his blog. Since than, it's been one of my daily internet fashion destinations!

Though not many people in Macedonia know about Ivan Rodic and his blogs, internationally he is very famous. He posts his photos of interesting faces, people and styles on, while on his other blog he posts photos of the places he has been visiting on his many travels. 

Yvan's presentation was very nice, concise and fun. It was interesting to hear how he developed from a copywriter in an advertising agency into a blogger when he started photographing faces of people which were interesting to him, with the camera he got for Christmas. Once he started running his blog, fashion magazines became interested in his work. When some of them published stories about blogging and street style the fashion brands became interested as well, willing to reach for the young people who follow such blogs. 

The part that I especially liked from Yvan's lecture was his statement about the opportunities of communication that we are given today and how they influence individuality. Though fear might exist that people around  the world are becoming the same with globalization and global communication, this phenomenon can be used the other way round - one can nowadays pick and choose different aspects or elements from a culture that they like, and then combine them in their own unique style, taste, personality....

Among the many activities that Rodic has, like exhibitions, lectures and Fashion Weeks around the world, he has published a book called FACE HUNTER, which consists of chosen photographs of people he has taken and published on his blog. The book is now available in Macedonia as well. 

Can't wait to have it in my hands!

Monday, October 18, 2010


The dream of international fashionistas is about to come true. An island dedicated to fashion is already drafted and ready to be built 20km off shore from Dubai, on 111.483.648 m2. And who else can be the creator of such and exclusive and surreal place other than the always innovative Karl Lagerfeld?

Together with an American architect and a famous hotel group, Lagerfeld has projected the futuristic island which is supposed to be built by 2014. It will host 150 luxury properties, several five stars hotels, most famous fashion brand's boutiques as well as space for fashion related shows and events.  Other famous designers are expected to offer collaboration in this project as well.

The CGI images of Isla Moda promise a wonderful and exclusive getaway for the international fashion jet setters.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This autumn I've fallen back in love with high heels. For some time I've been avoiding to wear them as I was feeling that it is much more comfortable to wear flats. This might be true, but the fun is not the same. High heels make the figure more noticeable, make you feel more confident, and can come in so many great forms and designs that they can represent real pieces of art. 

Speaking of arty shoes I think I have finally found my favorite shoe designer - Nicholas Kirkwood. This Englishman has introduced the "sculpture" shoe, which has a unconventional form, very high and architecturally designed heel, many details and is made of wonderful and specific materials like satin, hand-printed suede and leather, laser cut mirror leather, rubberised leather and the like. 

Kirkwood started creating his shoes after working as a milliner in Sir Phillip Treacy studio in London. There he realized that as hats make the outfit complete, so do shoes, and outfits from designers like Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan simply didn't have a decent supplement in the shoe department. That was when Kirkwood enrolled to study about shoe making and soon started cooperating with designers like Rodarte, Ghost, John Rocha...In 2008 KIrkwood was appointed accessories designer at Pollini. Since July 2009 he has his own space in London. 

Speaking about inspiration Kirkwood states that there isn't anything in particular that inspires him, sometimes as he says the design comes out of nothing. He also explains that a certain design goes thorough many changes in the designing process. First it is an idea, a scatch on paper, then it is being developed and a 3D model is made, and then the final design is defined. 

For season 2010/2011 Kirkwood has created shoes inspired by the art of the American contemporary artist Keith Haring. These shoes are very pop and a bit different from what has Kirkwood done so far, but still have his very creative moment embedded in the designs. The collection will be available worldwide in February 2011.

Keith Haring collection

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion moodboard for SUNDAY 26th SEPTEMBER

This Sunday is probably one of the last incredibly warm and sunny autumn days. It feels like the summer is not ready to settle and you can still feel it in the air...Days like this are perfect to enjoy the sun and spend time outside. Be old-fashioned and prepare a romantic picnic in the park, dressed accordingly in 50's outfit, feeling feminine and lovely; take a book and go back in time where glamour was part of everyday life...enjoy!