Friday, December 17, 2010


I've been waiting for a snow for a month now. After many wrong forecasts it is finally here and it seems it is staying. I love the snow for three main reasons - when I see the whiteness it makes me calm, it reminds me that the holidays are coming and it gives me opportunity to enjoy my favorite winter sports!

When I mention winter sports, the gear used for them comes to my mind as well. And I must say, the choice is overwhelming, unbelievable and simply beautiful. So are my wishes to grab some of these pieces, I have to admit! For this post I have chosen my favorites ranging from designer pieces (like Chanel which developed a special skiing range) to regular ski brands with lady like designs.




Let's not forget the famous APRES SKI parties and the outfits to wear there.


Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am a big fan of diaries and organizers. Any size, any shape, any color, as long as it fits in my bag and I can take it everywhere.

Writing on paper may seem old-fashioned with all the new technological possibilities we have, but I just love it! It has  charm and brings a completely different feeling than typing on your smart phone or 10-inch laptop.  

Now I think I have discovered the perfect diary for 2011 - the SMYTHSON fashion diary. Not only is it fabulous on the outside, but its specialized fashion features inside make it even more desirable. This grate potential Christmas present contains maps of major fashion capitals, fashion council listings, fashion show dates, cultural events and holidays. Practical and beautiful this diary is one of the favorite accessories of fashion editors around the world.