Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion moodboard for SUNDAY 26th SEPTEMBER

This Sunday is probably one of the last incredibly warm and sunny autumn days. It feels like the summer is not ready to settle and you can still feel it in the air...Days like this are perfect to enjoy the sun and spend time outside. Be old-fashioned and prepare a romantic picnic in the park, dressed accordingly in 50's outfit, feeling feminine and lovely; take a book and go back in time where glamour was part of everyday life...enjoy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Evian is continuing the tradition of collaboration with fashion designers to make special designs for its bottles. The Evian Issey Miyake bottles add to the tradition of making colorful bottles that bring about positive thoughts and feelings. Before this, Evian Paul Smith bottles were made in this direction. The Issey Miyake bottles carry the recognizable flower element. The accompanying web site is made very thoughtfully as well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time to FALL...into new clothes

The collections for Fall 2010 promise a time of year filled with classic elegance, luxury and femininity. Lines are both straight and more subtle, and the colors are mainly basic with clash of dominant and beautiful accessories giving the tone of the outfit. I have selected some of the most interesting trends in clothes and accessories for this season. 

Every season black is to be found in the fall/winter collections, but this one we can see the real comeback, which is evident through using the color in all kinds of outfits - elegant, extravagant, casual, with straight lines or with a softer shape...

Femininity in a form of 50's like dresses or simple French chic creations is present again on the runways. Not only these outfits are beautiful and remind us of a different era, it is a fact that they encourage curves as part of the women silhouette again.

Coats and capes are a must have for Fall 2010. They are both useful to keep as warm, give elegance to the outfit and can vary in shapes and colors. Below are my favorites.






Monday, September 6, 2010

Lanvin + H&M = A GREAT DUO

Exciting news come from H&M - another collaboration with a luxury fashion brand and this autumn it is the great LANVIN. The wonderful clothes, which we only saw on the runways and in exclusive boutiques, are now available for all fashion (and high street) lovers. 

Not much is known for the collection so far, except that there will be both women's and men''s collections, designed by Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver respectively. However, the focus will be on the clothes for women (yeee!) which means that we will enjoy wonderful outfits with French elegance, pearls, ribbons and other Lanvin typical embellishments, immaculate cuts and silhouettes. Lanvin wasn't expected to accept the cooperation as Elbaz has stated before that he is not interested in making the brand a mass product. However, what changed his mind is the fact that H&M was willing to go luxury, not the other way round. Ifthis means that the H&M - Lanvin pieces will have luxurious prices is yet to be discovered. 

The collection will be available in stores from November 23rd.