Friday, November 20, 2009

The Mad Hatter

He is the master of hat making and a favorite choice for a hat designer of Vivienne Westwood or John Galliano for Dior. Stephen Jones is one of the leading milliners (makers of women hats) known for his eccentricity, creativity and high level of quality of making hats for famous women from different parts of the world. The exhibition, curated by Jones, "Hats: An Anthology" has been opened in the Victoria and Albert museum in London.

With this post I am sharing several of his designs, but also other hat creations as I believe hats are important fashion items, which have lost their popularity over the years but are slowly having their come back. Hats have been important throughout the history for several reasons - first, they were used for protection of the head, then they have become a status symbol, an art form, important and inevitable accessory. The magic of wearing a hat rests in the fact that by wearing it you attract attention to your face straight away.

The term milliner was born in Britain because of the hat makers who came from Milan, Italy. The women hat makers in France are called 'modiste'. Coco Chanel first started as a 'modiste' when she came to Paris.

In the beginning of the 20th c. both, men and women wore hats as an inevitable part of their outfit and changed them according to the occasion. There were hats for people from different social status, but in general everyone needed to wear a hat and for the higher classes gloves as well (women especially). Later on, when wars started, the entire clothing became simpler and easier to wear in the given circumstances. This can be called the demise of the hat wearing.

There have been periods in the recent fashion history when hats were worn more than in other times, but they haven't become as popular as they were in past, more romantic times. Still, there are some occasions and events (like the horse races in Ascot) nowadays which are all about hat wearing. Also, fashion desginers have re-introduced hats for this and the next season through more formal and elegant ones, those which are creative and crazy or those which simply are there to protect from the sun.

Stephen Jones designs

Armani Prive

Chanel Resort Collection

Dior Couture


Kinder Aggugini


Michael Kors

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

November 14th is the day when shoe lovers should hit the H&M shops near them. This is the day when the latest collaboration of the high street brand H&M with a premium designer will be finally available to all those of us, who have impatiently anticipated it.

After its many successful collaborations with clothes designers like Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Victor&Rolf, Matthew Williamson, H&M this time has made a phenomenal deal to cooperate with the shoe magnate and favorite of the Hollywood stars - Jimmy Choo. The H&M collection offers not only beautiful shoes and bags but, also clothes to complement them, as representatives from Jimmy Choo claim. The recognizable glamorous style of this famous shoe maker is present through leather, suede and lots of glitter details. This collection consists of women's and men's pieces.

Jimmy Choo for H&M will be sold in 200 selected stores only, so make sure you find yours on time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lego fashion

One of the current trends for 80's brands is their revival in a retro style, but ultra popular brands. This was the case with Reebok, and lately a completely different brand has been going through the same process - the well known and for many of us favorite toy brand Lego.

Tough Lego has been developing and stands amongst the best toy brands now it has become part of the street style brands. Lego motives appear in design of watches, bags, belts, mobile phones, cameras and even cookies. Designers like Marc Jacobs have introduced the trend on the catwalks already last season with accessories made of Lego parts.

Jean - Charles de Castelbajac has even created a video fashion show where models are replaced by figures made of Lego ( Castelbajac has recently made a collection based on Lego colors and shapes. These recognizable toy colors and shapes integrated into outfits or accessories are a refreshing experience, in the same time bringing the smell of our childhood and nostalgic memories.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lucila Iotti fabulous shoes

While the expected second part of the Sex and The City movie is being filmed, I have decided to write something about a shoe maker who caught the attention of the famous Patricia Field and in that way got her part (through her lovely shoes) in the first sequel of the Sex and The City movie. Lucila Iotti makes beautiful colorful shoes with bold shapes and textures, from unusual combination of patent leather, suede, vinyl and satin. They are fashionable and unordinary, thus making the perfect accessory to every outfit.

As Pat Field comments in a documentary about the filming of the SATC movie, nowadays we are overwhelmed with the choice of clothing and fashion trends. Still, sometimes clothes can become
and monotonous if it is not for the accessories. Shoes and bags have become one of the most important accessories that make can make outfit different from another. Especially for those who like to stand out with their style, colorful shoes are a real treat to their taste. And Iotti makes exactly those kind of shoes!

For the filming of SATC movie Iotti gave 12 pairs of shoes from her debut collection to be used...after that her shoes very fast found place among the best labels in the galleries "Le Bon Marche" in Paris. Lucila owns her own shop in Buenos Aires, in a trendy district Palermo.

Her love for fabrics and fine craftsmanship comes from her early age as her fat
her owned a tailoring shop since 1920. When asked how the her brand came to existance she answers that frustration of not being able to find shoes as she wanted to wear she decided to create them. Iotti also adds that the perfect customer for her products in the one who doesn't have to ask "What do I wear them with?"