Thursday, October 28, 2010


Several weeks ago when I heard that Yvan Rodic will have a book promotion and lecture in Skopje, as part of the activities of Skopje Fashion Week I was really excited to attend it and hear something about his work. I have first read about him year and a half ago on and have immediately visited his blog. Since than, it's been one of my daily internet fashion destinations!

Though not many people in Macedonia know about Ivan Rodic and his blogs, internationally he is very famous. He posts his photos of interesting faces, people and styles on, while on his other blog he posts photos of the places he has been visiting on his many travels. 

Yvan's presentation was very nice, concise and fun. It was interesting to hear how he developed from a copywriter in an advertising agency into a blogger when he started photographing faces of people which were interesting to him, with the camera he got for Christmas. Once he started running his blog, fashion magazines became interested in his work. When some of them published stories about blogging and street style the fashion brands became interested as well, willing to reach for the young people who follow such blogs. 

The part that I especially liked from Yvan's lecture was his statement about the opportunities of communication that we are given today and how they influence individuality. Though fear might exist that people around  the world are becoming the same with globalization and global communication, this phenomenon can be used the other way round - one can nowadays pick and choose different aspects or elements from a culture that they like, and then combine them in their own unique style, taste, personality....

Among the many activities that Rodic has, like exhibitions, lectures and Fashion Weeks around the world, he has published a book called FACE HUNTER, which consists of chosen photographs of people he has taken and published on his blog. The book is now available in Macedonia as well. 

Can't wait to have it in my hands!

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