Friday, October 23, 2009

Brighten up the fall

Tough this is a season of dark weather and dark colors in fashion, it is easy to brighten up and freshen your look with colorful accessorizing or glittering details. Big jewels are also back to add glamour to every look and shoes and bags are screaming with colors which make dark outfits even more striking and powerful. Several ideas how to brighten up your look this fall!

Colorful scarves - wear them any way you want, they will keep out from wind and will bring lightness to your outfit

Pierre Hardy

Bruno Frisoni

Manolo Blahnik

Stella McCartney
Not only are boots only thigh high this season, they also come in various colors and with interesting details like the models above...


Marylin Minter

No matter if a tote of evening bag is in question make sure that it accentuates your clothes with its color or details.

If you decide to keep everything simple, than you can play with bold pieces of jewelry to finish up your look.

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