Thursday, February 11, 2010


The fashion world has been shocked today with the death of its 'enfant terrible' as McQueen was called because of its tendency to show the 'sinister side of fashion', as he once stated.

McQueen was famous for his extravagance, great creativity and imagination beyond any limit. Feeling constrained as a head designer for Givenchy he collaborated with Gucci, become creative director and established his own label with boutiques all around the world. He is famous for creating the bumster trousers in 1996 - they became a the must have of the time.

The talent of McQueen was remarkable and his fashion shows were anticipated as each of them was an intriguing, magical journey to some land of dark, but rich fantasy. One fashion editor wrote on her blog today that she can't forget the mystic venues and setting where McQueen used to organize his shows. Once, in Paris the location was an old warehouse where you could here the wind blowing which gave the atmosphere the creepiness needed for a show that featured witch-inspired designs. Still, the most memorable show was the one in March,2006 when a hologram of Kate Moss appeared on the catwalk.

The most influential women figures in McQueen's life had been Isabela Blow, a stylist who has bought his entire post-graduate collection and has thus launched him in the fashion world, and his mother. He lost both of them (his mother only days ago) and many claim that this has been devastating him.

McQueen had been awarded four times designer of the year in Britain. He was 40, this would have been the year of the 20th anniversary in his career and he was preparing for the Paris Fashion Week in March when he was supposed to unveil his Fall 2010 collection.
Mr. McQueen.

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