Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sartorialist – The Book

Since September 3rd lovers of street style can enjoy the book published by Scott Schuman, the most popular street style photographer and founder of the most influential street style fashion blog – The Sartorialist.

The book contains pictures from stylish people around the world taken and edited by Schuman. Tough he began with the simple idea of combining two of his greatest interests - photography and style, Schuman has fast risen in the fashion world and currently runs a blog that has been declared as one of the Top 100 Designer Influence by the Time's Magazine.

Schuman is praised for his ability to produce pictures that reflect clarity and simplicity, in the same time catching details perfectly. He manages to take equally interesting pictures of fashionistas, people popular for their style as well as just simple passers by and even homeless.

“The Sartorialist” is available online on It is inspiring and a real treat for the “chic hungry”.

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