Thursday, August 12, 2010


The tribute paid to Alexander McQueen doesn't seem to stop. The latest honor given to him is the entire issue of the publication VISIONAIRE dedicated to his work. Famous people who have collaborated with McQueen, like Mario Testino, Stephen Meisel, Lady Gaga, Steven Klein, and many others, share images that depict his talent and creativity. The cover of this issue is made of satin with metalized brocade, a detail from his spring/summer 2010 collevction. Inside, the pages are made of paper with embedded sunflower seeds, which when planted, watered and given sun, blossom, just like his work did!
                                     VISIONAIRE "ALEXANDER MCQUEEN" issue

VISIONAIRE is known for producing this kind of marvelous, creative and beautiful issues. This publication cannot be called a magazine, nor a book, but as its publishers say it is more a "multi-format album of fashion and art", which comes out 3 times a year since 1991. Works from well-known but also emerging artists, art directors, fashion desginers and the like, have appeared on the pages of VISIONAIRE.

One of the really inspiring issues of VISIONAIRE is the WORLD issue. It is made of photographs of people from all around the world (over 150 contributors) ranging from the unknown to the well-established. Via chain e-mail they were asked to send photographs of the places where they live or work, spend their free time or what fascinates them. The issue is delivered in a specially designed GAP "travel around the world" bag.

                                                    VISIONAIRE "WORLD" issue

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